3 Reasons To Hire A Portable Toilet

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3 Reasons To Hire A Portable Toilet

Portable toilets can be absolute lifesavers. Whether you need facilities for a construction site, a festival or a private event, portable toilets allow you to set up camp anywhere.

There are plenty of reasons to hire portable toilets. Simply put, there’s often no alternative… unless you’re OK with making your employees or attendees dig holes when they need to go!

But that, of course, is against the law. That’s why it’s important to hire quality, clean toilets when you need portaloos. Here are 3 top reasons to hire portable toilets, brought to you by the team at SBS Fence and Toilet Hire.

1) It’s mandatory

The first reason to hire a portable toilet is quite plain and simple: it’s often mandatory. If you’re establishing a construction site and there’s no other option for bathrooms, it’s a legal requirement as outlined in SafeWork Australia’s guidelines that a sufficient number of portable toilets are provided.

The minimum number of portable toilets provided is 1 toilet per 15 employees. For an event, the minimum is 3 toilets per 240 people. Check with your toilet hire company about how many portable toilets you need to hire to ensure you’re sticking to the rules.

2) It’s a cost-effective and accessible solution

Portable toilets are incredibly cost-effective and easy to manage when you put it in perspective. A highly rated toilet hire company like SBS Fence and Toilet Hire put on a full-scale service to meet your needs. They transport the toilets to you, set them up, restock them and offer weekly pump-out services to ensure they’re kept clean and sanitary, around the clock.

This service is wrapped up in one affordable price. It’s far, far cheaper than, for example, receiving a fine for not providing sufficient portable toilets on the worksite or at an event.

3) It can be versatile

Portable toilets come in a few different kinds, making them a versatile option for your next project. Let’s say you have a construction site that needs long-term portable toilets. To avoid the costs of pump-outs, you can choose sewer-connected toilets which involve far less servicing and are connected directly to a water supply. Let’s say you’re hosting an expo on disability services and need a high quantity of accessible toilets: this is also an option. No matter what you need, the team at SBS Fence and Toilet Hire can cater to your preferences.

SBS Fence and Toilet Hire are Sydney’s best team for clean, quality portable toilet hire. It doesn’t matter whether your event is for 10 people or 10,000: SBS can meet your needs. All of SBS Fence and Toilet Hire’s products and services are of high quality and meet the strict criteria of the Australian Standards. Get in touch with the friendly team and arrange a quote today.

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