3 Tips to Keep Your Temporary Fences Standing During High Winds

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3 Tips to Keep Your Temporary Fences Standing During High Winds

Strong winds are always a bit of a mood killer. Nobody likes heading to the beach on a 38 degree day only to be met by gale-force winds that send your umbrella tumbling along the sand. Or going to the golf course and not knowing where your ball is going to go after hitting it. Temporary fences can be another victim of high winds, tipping them over if they get strong enough. But luckily, there are some effective ways to keep your temporary fences standing during heavy winds, and here are our top three tips to do so.

1) Invest in wind bracing

Wind bracing is a genius idea that makes the impossible possible when it comes to temporary fencing in high wind situations. Wind braces act as an extra leg for your temporary fencing, giving it far better balance and resistance to the push/pull of strong winds. They’re fitted at intervals along the fencing line and don’t need to be applied to every single fence.

Wind braces should be used when:

  • Shade cloth is being used, because it prevents wind from passing through the fence, thus making it more susceptible to blowing over.
  • Large signage and banners are being used, as they add to the weight of the fencing and also prevent wind from passing through it.
  • Double or single access gates are being used to gain entry through the temporary fencing. As these can compromise the stability of the fence, wind bracing should always be used, even if winds aren’t overly high.

2) Use additional weights

Wind bracing is clever in the way that it allows for additional weights to be placed on top of it. Each bracing bracket has a shaft on which weights can be placed, adding extra support if winds are particularly strong. This ensures that your temporary fencing isn’t going anywhere!

3) Get the right people to install it

Always choose a team of experts to install your temporary fencing for you. One of the key reasons why temporary fencing blows over in heavy winds is due to improper installation. Your temporary fence hire company should be willing and able to install your fencing for you, rather than just deliver it and make you do it yourself. SBS Fence and Toilet Hire will always install the fencing for you, setting up their wind bracing systems and using additional weights if high winds are forecast.

Wind can be a total mood killer, but don’t let it ruin your construction site, home renovation or large event. SBS Fence and Toilet Hire are Sydney’s most trusted team of temporary fencing specialists, hiring out their quality fences and installing heavy duty wind bracing whenever it’s necessary. All of their fences are built to comply with the Australian Standards around temporary fencing, whether you need festival fencing, construction fencing or temporary pool fencing. Grab a quote from the team at SBS and never let wind ruin your day again.

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