5 Questions to ask Before Hiring Temporary Fencing

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5 Questions to ask Before Hiring Temporary Fencing

Not all temporary fencing companies are created equally.

In fact, few have the strong reputation, high-quality hire equipment and deliver the top-notch service like we do at SBS Fence and Toilet Hire.

However, first thing’s first and that’s establishing exactly what temporary fencing you will need.

Here are five things to consider before ordering temporary fencing for your job.

1. What type of temporary fencing do you require and how much?

There is more than one type of temporary fencing available.

In addition to standard temporary fencing that is often seen around construction and building sites, at SBS Fence and Toilet Hire we also offer temporary pool fences for residential settings and crowd control barrier fencing for events.

You need to establish which type of temporary fencing you will need, as well as how many metres of it you will require to surround a given job or site.

Be sure to take thorough and accurate measurements of your site in order to receive an accurate quote and the right amount of hire equipment.

2. Do I need shade cloth for my temporary fencing?

If you are seeking fencing to surround a construction site, the answer is likely: Yes.
Sediment control is an important part of construction work and temporary fencing with shade cloth should be used around site boundaries to help minimise dust blowing off a site and meet state and local government requirements.

Shade cloth can also help add some privacy to a site.

We stock shade cloth in green, white, blue, black and beige.

3. Do I need other accessories for my temporary fencing?

In addition to shade cloth for sediment control, there are a range of other accessories available to add to temporary fencing hire to meet all needs.

We offer single and double entry gates, allowing easy access to job sites through temporary fencing.

For pet control, we offer dog bars which fit to the bottom of the temporary fencing and close the gap to the ground.

These ensure smaller pets and other animals are kept safely and securely inside or outside of the fence.

If you are using temporary fencing in an area that receives high volumes of pedestrian traffic, we offer hand rails which can be fitted to the outside of the fencing and help minimise the risk of members of the public tripping over the feet of the fence.

Finally, if you are worried about your temporary fencing potentially being stolen, we have anti-theft and anti-tamper security nuts to ensure fencing cannot be dismantled without the use of a special removal tool.

4. How can I get the best deal on temporary fencing?

We offer highly-competitive, affordable temporary fencing solutions for greater Sydney, which includes delivery and set up at your address or site.

But if that’s not enough, there is also another way that we can help you save even more on your temporary fencing hire costs.

We also offer a Dry Hire (Sub Hire) service on our full range of temporary fencing systems and crowd control barriers, for short or long-term hires.

This means that you can pick up all necessary hire equipment yourself from our Lansvale yard and transport and set it up yourself.

This is suitable for people like event organisers who have helping hands, as well as jobs which require fencing equipment at very short notice.

Our temporary fencing is lightweight and can be easily handled and transported in the trays of most utes, as well as larger trailers and trucks.

5. Can I trust the temporary fence hire company?

If you are in the greater Sydney area and are hiring temporary fencing from us at SBS Fence and Toilet Hire, the answer here is: Absolutely!

We have been supplying temporary fencing to Sydney since 2008 and pride ourselves on delivering high quality and affordable temporary fencing with unmatched service.

Whether your temporary fencing needs are big or small, we have a solution for you.

If you also need a portable toilet for your job, we can even assist with that.

We offer same-day express Portable Loo delivery across greater Sydney, seven days a week.

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