5 Reasons Why Temporary Fencing Is A Must-Have For Outdoor Events

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5 Reasons Why Temporary Fencing Is A Must-Have For Outdoor Events

Temporary fencing and outdoor events go together like peas and carrots. Like sock and shoe! Like rock and roll. But why is this?

For almost every large-scale outdoor event you’ve been to, we’ll make the bold claim that they’ve all featured temporary fencing.

There isn’t just one reason why outdoor events have featured temporary fencing for the better part of the last 100 years. Temporary fencing has a range of benefits for outdoor events, and here are the top 5 reasons why your outdoor event should use temporary fencing, too.

  1. Ticketing
    Unless your outdoor event is free, we’re guessing you’ll only want those who have paid for a ticket to be attending. The only way to ensure that your ticketing system is implemented properly is to have some sort of barrier, separating your event from the general public. Enter temporary fencing! An easy, cost-effective method of applying ticketing policies, temporary fencing ensures you’re driving sales of your event, thus maximising event profit.
  1. Queueing
    Queueing is another reason why temporary fencing is a must-have for outdoor events. Crowd control barriers are super effective at creating queueing spaces and guiding your guests to the right places. They make your outdoor event more organised and efficient, helping people avoid confusion and find their way inside your event.
  1. Keeping children safe
    Temporary fencing is just as effective at keeping people inside your outdoor event as it is keeping people outside of it. It’s super important for school fairs and shows to have temporary fencing so that children don’t wander off into the street and potentially harm themselves. By hiring temporary fencing, you’re giving parents total peace of mind and creating a fun, safe environment for their children.
  1. Effective marketing
    Forget about hiring billboards or putting up posters around town to market your outdoor event… temporary fencing can do that for you! Banners which go over the top of your temporary fencing are a great way to promote your brand or event, and its sponsors. Used by a range of different organisations, from construction companies to schools to music events and more, temporary fencing works as a powerful marketing tool.
  1. Privacy
    Putting on a private event that you don’t want advertised? Well, temporary fencing is just as good at hushing the word as it is at spreading it! Temporary fencing can be used to block your event space from the public eye, giving your guests total privacy and comfort.

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