How to Minimise the Risk of Property Damage During Construction

First and foremost, temporary fencing is the simplest and most effective method of minimising the risk of property damage to your construction site. Temporary fencing discourages intruders from entering your construction site, placing a barrier between them and your property, making it difficult for them to gain access to it.

3 Tips to Keep Your Temporary Fences Standing During High Winds

Wind bracing is a genius idea that makes the impossible possible when it comes to temporary fencing in high wind situations. Wind braces act as an extra leg for your temporary fencing, giving it far better balance and resistance to the push/pull of strong winds. They’re fitted at intervals along the fencing line and don’t need to be applied to every single fence.

Do I Need to Put Up Temporary Fencing Around My House Renovation?

First question to ask yourself is this – what’s being done? Renos can span from the simple painting of a wall, to a full-scale roof replacement or home extension. While it’s probably not necessary to put up temporary fencing just for painting, it’s definitely required for more major jobs.

Everything You Need to Know About Sewer Connected Portable Toilets

For long term construction sites, sewer connected portable toilets are the most convenient and cost-effective option. There are no ongoing running costs associated with sewer connected toilets, apart from the cleaning service which is required for all bathrooms – portable or not.

How Often Do Portable Toilets Need to Be Cleaned?

Your toilet hire company should be flexible on organising a cleaning schedule. If you have a three-day festival or large construction site, it might be necessary to organise a daily cleaning program. There’s no harm in being as safe as possible and having your portable toilets cleaned daily if they’ll be seeing a lot of traffic.

The Dangers of Improper Fencing at Large Events

Proper festival fencing has a couple of main purposes, and one of these is to prevent unauthorised patrons. Without a nice, tall fence that adheres to the Australian Standards, your event could be at serious risk of ‘festival jumpers’. Not only would this defeat the purpose of hiring a fence in the first place, but it also presents a safety hazard, as these intruders haven’t gone through security and could be carrying dangerous items.