Do I Need to Put Up Temporary Fencing Around My House Renovation?

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Do I Need to Put Up Temporary Fencing Around My House Renovation?

Renovating your home is a momentous occasion. You’re adding value to your home, your personalising it with your own taste and, more importantly, you’re hopefully getting of rid of that horrible old wallpaper with the flowers on it. Talk about tacky, right?

Before the picky interior designer comes out in you, you should probably think about the planning and preparation of renovating first. Part of this includes temporary fencing and whether you’re going to need it. Let’s go through some things to think about when considering temporary fencing around your home reno.

How significant is the work?

First question to ask yourself is this – what’s being done? Renos can span from the simple painting of a wall, to a full-scale roof replacement or home extension. While it’s probably not necessary to put up temporary fencing just for painting, it’s definitely required for more major jobs.

When assessing the extent of your home renovation, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long will it last?
    A reno that lasts under a month may not need temporary fencing, but anything longer than that and it would be suitable to put up a fence.
  • How exposed will my house be?
    If you’re removing a wall, allowing any Tom, Dick or Harry to enter your home, then you certainly want to invest in temporary fencing to prevent potential intruders. The same goes for roof replacements or any other work in which the security of your home will be compromised.
  • Expensive equipment, tools and materials left on site
    Leaving expensive tools, equipment and materials on site is something that most tradies will do, due to convenience. But if they’re exposed because your home is unfenced, this could encourage potential thieves to walk right in and help themselves to the valuable goods.
  • Are you covered by insurance?
    Before your tradies set to work renovating your home, you need to be 100% clear around your home insurance policy. Is your home covered by the policy when you’re renovating, even if you don’t put up a temporary fence? Many insurance companies won’t cover an unfenced home during significant renovations, so it’s absolutely vital to check first.
  • Will your renovation present safety hazards if left unfenced?
    One of the most important things to consider is safety. If your renovation poses a safety hazard to passers-by, particularly young children who are curious about the renovation site, then you should absolutely hire temporary fencing. The consequences of failing to do so are really serious – lives could be at stake.

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