Everything You Need to Know About Sewer Connected Portable Toilets

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Everything You Need to Know About Sewer Connected Portable Toilets

Sewer connected toilets are fantastic for so many different reasons. They come with all the benefits of portable toilets, except they don’t require a pump-out service because they’re connected to the sewer system. A great option for long-term construction sites, sewer connected toilets have saved construction projects a ton of time and money. Let’s go through the basics of sewer connected portable toilets and where to hire the best ones in Sydney.

How do they work?

A regular fresh water flush portable toilet has its own compartment underneath where waste is storage and broken down by chemicals, before needing to be flushed out by your toilet hire company every so often. With sewer connected portable toilets, this isn’t the case. They’re connected to both the main water supply and the sewer system, meaning that they flush and dispose of water just as your toilet at home does.

Benefits of sewer connected portable toilets

While pump-out portable toilets are more common, there are a range of benefits of sewer connected portable toilets.

  • More suited for long term use
    For long term construction sites, sewer connected portable toilets are the most convenient and cost-effective option. There are no ongoing running costs associated with sewer connected toilets, apart from the cleaning service which is required for all bathrooms – portable or not.
  • Suitable for multi-level developments
    One of the best reasons to hire sewer-connected toilets is for use on multi-level developments. If you’re working on a large, multi-level building, it would be impractical to have to crane down a pump-out toilet every time it needed waste removal and cleaning. With sewer connected toilets, they can remain on the top story for as long as you need them.
  • Self-contained washing facilities
    All sewer connected toilets from SBS Fence and Toilet Hire feature a hand-wash basin which is also connected to the main water supply.
  • Cost effective and convenient
    For long term sites, you’ll save a lot of money on pump-out services when you opt for a sewer connected toilet. While the hire fee of sewer connected toilets is slightly more, you’ll find that, broken down, the total cost is lower than hiring pump-out portable toilets and their expense of waste removal.
  • Adhering to Australian Standards codes
    All sewer connected toilets from SBS Fence and Toilet Hire are built to adhere to Australian Standards AS1428, which cover portable toilet use in Australia.

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