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F1 in Schools

The F1 in Schools World Final will be held in Singapore in September 2021

NSW F1 in Schools NSW State Final 2020

The NSW State Final for F1 in Schools is about to begin. All digital content needed to be uploaded prior to 11.59 pm on Friday 16 October. Penrith Christian School has two teams.

Axion (Year 9) Junior Professional Class
Team members are: Ella Stoodley, Emmanuel Ndlovu, Vaughan Todd, Jordan Whiley (Jake King missing)

The professional team have been refining all their work since winning the Western Sydney Professional Class. The cars are looking fast and should complete some fast times down the track.

Team presentation, portfolio and engineering components have all been enhanced. The 3D Pit Display looks amazing and is a big improvement since the Regional Final. The team goal is to progress to the Australian National Final in 2021. Pending the virus conditions in Victoria, the National Final could be held alongside the World Final in Melbourne next year.

Adrenaline (Year 7) Cadet Class
Team members: Louis Stoodley & Emily Klimek

Emily and Louis won the Western Sydney Regional Final and are now looking for a strong result in the Cadet Class at the NSW State Final.

The car is looking very good and should be right on target weight of 52g. Emily has been improving the team’s poster since the Regionals and assisting Louis with the race car. Louis has built a new race car after major damage to the front wings at the Regional Final. This will be Adrenaline’s last race meeting as Cadet Class cannot progress to the Australian National Finals.

State Final Event – REA
In 2020, there will be NO physical state final events conducted around Australia for F1 in Schools. Rather, all events will be run virtually with teams required to upload files electronically to an REA Google Drive, and post, or deliver their Race Cars to the REA office in NSW by a nominated deadline. There will be NO face to face or on-line interviews between teams and judges.

Electronic Project Elements
All team project elements submitted electronically will be assessed by independent judges between Saturday 17 October and Sunday 22 November 2020.

Race Cars
All racing will be managed and conducted by REA staff over the course of three to four days at a time to be determined but somewhere within Saturday 17 October 2020 to Sunday 22 November 2020. Racing will be conducted at one venue using one track and will be recorded with video footage released to teams.

Results will be sent to teams, state by state, commencing Monday 23 November 2020 and planned completion no later than Friday 27 November 2020.

As soon as results start coming through they will be passed on to you immediately.

Ascension World Team – Best Engineered Race Car
Team members: Paige Foley, Imogen Rogers, Alex Goncalves & Alex Weeks (Brock Stinson – missing)

At the end of Term 3, we finally had the chance to recognise Team Ascension who placed 5th in the World and Awarded Best Engineered Car. The presentation was in front of Year 7 students only due to Covid Restrictions.

Medallions were presented by members of Team Axion.  Alex Goncalves from SBS Fencing and Toilet Hire was present for a photo opportunity with the World Team.

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