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SBS Fence & Toilet Hire in Sydney, Australia, offers exceptionally well maintained, good quality and very affordable temporary fencing with unmatched services. Products from SBS Fence & Toilet Hire include temporary fencing, crowd control barriers, hand rails, dog proofing bars, support brackets for wind loading, temporary pool fences and fencing with barb wire or shades cloth across all suburbs in the Greater Sydney.

  • Portable loo & temporary fence hire for demolition & construction sites.
  • Temporary fence & portable loo hire for residential housing, apartments & granny flat sites.
  • Crowd control barriers & portable toilet hire for all types of events & Festivals.
  • Temporary pool fencing for construction or completed swimming pools & Spas.
  • High security temporary fences systems, with dog proofing bars and pedestrian hand rails.
  • Complete temporary fences with shadecloth & wind bracing (Fence Support Stays) offering dust & rubbish containment along with some privacy of the building works.

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