Events & Crowd Control

From sporting events, fun runs and carnivals, to music festivals, conventions and conferences, crowd control is a very important component of all mid-sized to large functions, regardless of who the audience is. And even though the techniques used, and processes followed will vary according to the type of event, the size of the audience, and even the venue, the one aspect of crowd control that benefits almost all types of events is the use of barriers and temporary fencing.

The Purpose of Crowd Control Barriers

Whether using temporary fencing or traditional crowd control barriers, the primary purposes of this aspect of crowd control is queue management, directing and controlling the flow of attendees, and to block off or demarcate certain areas. Nobody enjoys having to wait in a queue, but they remain the most effective way to control and process the entrance of a large number of attendees to most types of events. Similarly, properly placed fencing and barriers can help direct people to different sections and points of interest, helping to thin out large crowds naturally rather than trying to limit the number of people entering.

Our Fencing and Crowd Control Barriers

At SBS Fence, our high-quality crowd control barriers are typically 2200mm or 2500mm long sections with a standard height of 1100mm. They are lightweight but tough, able to hold back a large crowd while being easy to set up and move around without the need for special equipment. The interlocking system found on most of our barrier panels is also easy-to-use, aiding a quick setup, while also making them more effective at crowd control or containment.

However, we do also have other types of crowd control barriers, some that are taller than the traditional barriers and others that don’t include any interlocking system, making them better suited to events and functions that don’t need a high level of crowd control, where there is more of a need for directing the flow of people, supported by a smaller number of attendees at any given time.

But all of our crowd control barriers have flat fleet, offering the same stability as found in other barrier designs, but presenting much less of a tripping hazard.

Some events and functions have a need for partially sectioning off certain areas, from VIP areas, to food courts, amenity facilities, and ablution blocks. Here crowd control barriers are less effective, being too low and not affording any form of privacy – even if informal. Which is why we also have a fantastic range of event security fencing for hire.

Our 2400mm and 3300mm long mesh fence panels are every bit as tough but lightweight as our control barriers, while providing a different feel or aesthetic to your event. Panels can be secured in place using fence clamps and support stays, and if you need to offer some form of privacy for what the fence surrounds, you won’t have difficulty wrapping the panels using some form of screening material. Moulded plastic fence feet are also used to secure the panels in place, and you can still use our regular crowd control barriers to facilitate and manage entry and exit from the sectioned off area.

SBS Fence have been supplying event fence and crowd control barrier hire throughout the greater Sydney metro areas for more than 10 years, and you can either arrange to pick up temporary fencing and barriers from our facilities in Lansvale, 6 days a week, or have it delivered to your venue.