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Enhance Event Safety with Crowd Control Fence Rental from SBS Fence!

Crowd control is a vital aspect of ensuring the safety and the smooth operation of any event, whether you’re organising a music festival, sporting tournament, or convention. At SBS Fence, we recognise the importance of effective crowd management, which is why we offer top-quality crowd control fencing hire services to meet all your event needs!

The Role of Crowd Control Barriers

Our barricade fence rental service provides a versatile solution for maintaining security and order at your event, whether you’re guiding guests through queues, sectioning off VIP areas, or creating pathways to amenities. Crowd control fences play a vital role in managing the flow of attendees, directing foot traffic, and demarcating or blocking off specific areas within your event space.

The Benefits of Using SBS Fence Crowd Control Solutions

Premium Quality Crowd Control Barriers

At SBS Fence, our barriers are designed to meet the highest standards with durability, reliability, and effectiveness. These temporary fences are constructed from lightweight yet robust materials.

Plus, they are easy to set up and move around, requiring no special equipment for installation. Each of our barricade fence rental units features an interlocking system for added stability, ensuring secure crowd control without sacrificing convenience or efficiency.

Versatile Options to Suit Your Event Needs

We offer a range of crowd-control fence rental options to suit your specific requirements. Our solutions are perfectly designed to accommodate events of all sizes and types, from traditional barriers with standard dimensions to taller barriers for enhanced security. Plus, they come with flat feet to minimise tripping hazards and ensure maximum stability in any setting.

Enhance Privacy and Security with Event Security Fencing

We also offer event security fencing for hire, which is ideal for partially sectioning off areas that require added privacy and security. The SBS Fence mesh panels provide a durable and aesthetic solution for enclosing VIP areas, food courts, amenity facilities, and more. Our event security fencing comes with easy installation using fence clamps and support stays, offering a seamless complement to our crowd control barrier rental services.

Experience Excellent Event Safety with SBS Fence!

With over a decade of experience serving the greater Sydney metro area, SBS Fence is your trusted partner for event safety and security. You have the luxury to choose whether you prefer to pick up your temporary fencing and barriers from our Lansvale facilities or have them delivered directly to your venue. Our convenient services make the rental process simple and easy.

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