How Often Do Portable Toilets Need to Be Cleaned?

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How Often Do Portable Toilets Need to Be Cleaned?

Cleaning your bathroom at home is an amazing feeling. There’s nothing better than using a clean shower, a sanitary toilet and a sparkling basin that you’ve freshly wiped down. Given that bathroom cleanliness is so important at home, it’s even more important when we’re talking about a number of portable toilets. A great portable toilet hire company should conduct regular cleaning of the toilets, ensuring that they’re safe and sanitised. But how often do portable toilets need to be cleaned? Let’s find out.

How many people are using them?

The general rule of thumb for hiring portable toilets is 2-3 toilets per hundred people. If you’ve got a large construction site or large festival where hundreds or possibly thousands of people are going to be using your portable toilets, you want to make sure that your toilets are cleaned often enough. The more people who are using the toilets, the more often they’ll need cleaning.

Daily, weekly or fortnightly cleaning programs

Your toilet hire company should be flexible on organising a cleaning schedule. If you have a three-day festival or large construction site, it might be necessary to organise a daily cleaning program. There’s no harm in being as safe as possible and having your portable toilets cleaned daily if they’ll be seeing a lot of traffic. For smaller sites and events, however, you may only need twice-weekly or weekly cleans.

Cleaning during COVID regulations

Cleaning should be done especially frequently under COVID-safe regulations. High-touch areas like taps and door handles of your portable toilet should be cleaned super frequently, and your hire company must be able to accommodate for this.

What’s involved in portable toilet cleaning?

  • Waste removal
    First, your toilet hire company will arrive and connect the waste suction machine which vacuums the waste out of the compartment. Then, it’s disposed of hygienically and safely. The compartment is then cleaned and ready to go for your workers or festival attendees to use.
  • Cleaning
    Then, we come to the cleaning of the toilets. This involves using industrial strength cleaning agents on each and every surface of the portable loo. High-touch areas such as doors, handles, seats, flush buttons and taps are all given special attention, making sure that the toilet users are safe.
  • Chemical top-up
    Once the cleaning is complete, your toilet hire company will top up the chemicals in the tank. This ensures that waste is able to be broken down and that germs are killed. Then, toilet paper, sanitiser and other consumables are replaced.

Portable toilets need to be cleaned on a regular basis to guarantee that they’re safe to use. SBS Fence and Toilet Hire offer flexible cleaning programs for their high quality portable toilets which are all compliant with the Australian Standards AS1428. Whether you need daily or weekly cleaning, their professional team will be at your service. Get in contact with SBS Fence and Toilet Hire to learn more about their unparalleled service.

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