How to Minimise the Risk of Property Damage During Construction

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How to Minimise the Risk of Property Damage During Construction

On the construction site, there’s always the looming threat of property damage, theft and vandalism. Keeping vandals and thieves away from your site out of hours is a constant struggle for most construction site managers and home owners and, while there’s never going to be a fool proof way of keeping people out (unless you build a giant brick wall around the perimeter), there are a bunch of ways you can minimise the risk of property damage during construction. Here’s how:

Hire temporary fencing

First and foremost, temporary fencing is the simplest and most effective method of minimising the risk of property damage to your construction site. Fences have been used to keep people out of certain areas since the very beginning of humanity. Take a look at the Theopetra Cave in Greece, for example. It’s home to the world’s oldest wall, dating back to 21,000 BCE. While this wall was most likely built to keep the cold out, most other fences since then have been built to keep people out.

Temporary fencing discourages intruders from entering your construction site, placing a barrier between them and your property, making it difficult for them to gain access to it.

Security cameras

Security cameras are another great way to minimise the risk of property damage during construction. Monitored CCTV cameras scare off vandals and thieves who don’t want to risk having their face on camera while trespassing or doing other illegal things. Make sure you make it very clear that the site has security cameras using signs – this is in some ways a bigger deterrent than the cameras themselves. Although security cameras are a good option, they don’t impose a physical barrier and it’s recommended to use them in conjunction with temporary fencing.

Keep materials and tools as secure as possible

Many tradespeople leave equipment and materials on the construction site overnight because it’s simply not convenient to take them elsewhere at the end of every day. When doing this, it’s important to keep valuable materials secure, as well as any equipment that’s going to be left on site. Glass is a big drawcard for vandals due to its fragility.

Keeping the site safe is a top priority for all of us, so get in touch with SBS Fence and Toilet Hire to install heavy duty temporary fencing around the perimeter of your home or construction site. They’re Sydney’s most trusted team of temporary fencing specialists, hiring out their quality fences for a range of different purposes. All of their fences are built to comply with the Australian Standards around temporary fencing, whether you need festival fencing, construction fencing or temporary pool fencing.

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