Inclusivity Matters: Ensuring Wheelchair Access in Your Portable Toilets

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Inclusivity Matters: Ensuring Wheelchair Access in Your Portable Toilets

For those of us living without disability, it’s easy to take many daily tasks for granted. Something as simple as going to the toilet is easy for those without disability, but for those living with it, going to the toilet at an event can be really challenging.

Ensuring wheelchair access at your event is therefore crucial to make the day an enjoyable one for people living with disability.

Here’s why inclusivity matters and why it’s so important to provide accessible toilets and wheelchair access at your next event.

Going to the toilet easily and safely is a right for everyone

It’s everyone’s right to be able to easily and safely use the toilet when we’re at an event. Sadly, for people living with disability, this isn’t always the case. Australia is said to be ‘behind’ the rest of the western world when it comes to accessibility at events like festivals.

Earlier this year, Sydney’s Laneway Festival made headlines due to its lack of accessibility. Festival-goers with disabilities were left stressed and disappointed due to the main accessible toilet having a step on it, making it super difficult to access for people in wheelchairs. Accessible toilets were also not displayed on the event’s map.

This is a real let-down

Not only is this a let-down for people with disability by the event’s organisers, but it attracts all the wrong media attention. Whether you’re hosting a festival, an expo, or something completely different, it’s crucial to ensure you’re providing wheelchair access in your portable toilets.

Is it difficult to ensure wheelchair access toilets at an event?

With all the recent festival blunders in making their events more accessible, you’d think it was difficult to find providers of accessible services like portable toilets. However, this isn’t the case. Hiring accessible portable toilets is very easy, and there are several providers in the Sydney Basin area.

Accessible portable toilets with SBS Fence and Toilet Hire

SBS Fence and Toilet Hire are one of Sydney’s favourite teams for portable toilet hire for events. We have a fleet of portable toilets and can provide your event with an ample supply of accessible toilets too. Our accessible portable toilets come with the benefits of:

  • Built in compliance with the Australian Standards
    Our accessible portable toilets all comply with the Australian Standard AS 1428.1 2009.
  • High quality materials, made in Australia
    Our toilets are all Australian-made, built from high quality materials.
  • Exceptional sanitary measures
    Clean and easy-to-use, our toilets come fully sanitised and ready to go.

Let SBS Fence and Toilet Hire help make your event disability-friendly. As Sydney’s premier team for quality portable toilet hire, SBS are busy all-year-round, helping out Sydney locals with construction sites, festivals, expos and a tonne of other events. Just get in touch with the team to learn more, or grab yourself a competitively priced quote.

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