Is Your Temporary Fencing Pet Proof

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Is Your Temporary Fencing Pet Proof

Most standard temporary fencing has a sizable gap at the bottom, which can be problematic. If you need to keep dogs or other pets inside or outside a fence, you will need to ensure your temporary fencing is pet proof. Pet proofing of temporary fencing can also help keep wild animals out of hazardous sites, ensuring safety for workers and animals. It is also particularly handy for construction works in parks or around schools – areas that are frequented by off-leash dogs with their owners. At SBS Fence & Toilet Hire, we offer a class-leading pet proof option for our temporary fencing to suit your needs.

Times when pet proof temporary fencing is required

Dogs are man’s best friend and keeping them safe and secure is of high importance for owners. For workers, keeping dogs and other animals out of sites is also important to ensure safety for all parties. Pet proof temporary fencing can be used as a short or long-term solution in both commercial and residential settings. It is often used in residential settings for those completing major renovations or extensions to their homes. It can also come in handy to keep pets confined while new permanent fences are being built around properties. Commercially, pet proof temporary fencing is most often used for construction works near schools and parks which are frequented by dogs.

What pet proof temporary fencing does SBS Fence & Toilet Hire offer?

Some of our competitors offer flimsy extension mesh to fill the gap under their temporary fencing. This is far from a fool-proof solution and smaller dogs can still dig underneath and push through the mesh to escape under the fence. But at SBS Fence & Toilet Hire, we offer secure optional Dog Proofing, or Dog Bars, to ensure your temporary fencing is as pet proof as it can be. The study bars run between the feet of the temporary fencing – below the standard bottom bar – and will ensure that smaller pets and other animals are safely and securely kept on one side or the other of the fence. For peace of mind that your dogs or other pets will be safe and securely kept, don’t look anywhere else for your pet proof temporary fencing needs.

Why use SBS Fence & Toilet Hire for your pet proof temporary fencing needs?

Aside from offering a class-leading pet proof temporary fence solution, at SBS Fence & Toilet Hire we have more than a decade of experience in supplying the Greater Sydney Metro area with temporary fencing and portable toilet hire. A trusted provider of temporary fencing, we can cater to any size job – big or small – and offer well maintained and good quality fencing products, along with unmatched service. All of our temporary fencing systems meet Australian standards and local Council requirements. We also offer a Dry Hire (or Sub Hire) option, which can save you money by picking up and returning our easy-to-set-up temporary fencing to our Lansvale headquarters. Contact us for a quote today for all your pet proof temporary fencing needs across Sydney.

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