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Introducing Jaden DeSousa

A RAISING STAR … Jaden is always very passionate about his football. His dedication and love for the game has brought him to where he is now. He loves to play football more than anything else.

Building a Star of the Future

2017 Jaden started his football career at the Musgrave Mustangs FC in April 2017, when he was only six years old. That year, they won the competition with Jaden scoring a total of 62 goals … and they were also the Carnival winners at the Palm Beach Soccer Club competition.

2018 In 2018 Jaden moved to Pacific Pines FC, where his team won the U7’s competition and he was awarded ‘Best and Fairest’ player for that age group that season, scoring a total of 83 goals.

2019 Then in 2019 Jaden joined Magic United at Carrara. Being eight-years-old, he played in the nines competition scoring a total of 44 goals. This was a stellar season for Jaden and his team. They participated in three different Tournaments, winning two and finishing runners up on another. Jaden played on the wing or as a striker in those games and by using his speed, strength and creativity he excelled and became known as ‘The Fox in the Box’. He is fast and he has good movement off the ball, plus has shown excellent finishing with both feet. In most scenarios, he easily resolves situations one on one.

Building a Star of the Future … FUTSAL

2019 In 2019 Jaden also joined Crusaders FC, a Hope Island Futsal Academy. With the thought of further improving his ball skills, Jaden soon earned his position in the eight-year-old representative squad, with this team winning many indoor (Futsal) and outdoor soccer competitions … with Jaden playing a pivotal role in the team’s success. Futsal is a fast thinking and highly-skilled indoor soccer game played on a hard surface with similar rules to soccer.

A letter from Jaden

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jaden and I am eight-years-old. I love playing soccer and futsal football. I have been selected to go to some games in other states. My Mum and Dad have told me all about the competitions. It is a long way and Mum said it will take a plane trip to get there. To play soccer in another state would be fun and to see all the other players would be good as well. The whole team are going. I hope I can go. Thankyou.

Jaden De Sousa

Supporting a Star of the Future

Now with this once in a lifetime opportunity for Jaden to fulfil his dreams, we are asking the corporate sector for help. Along with planned fundraisers, further corporate support will be needed to cover costs in travel, accommodation, meals and registration costs for these interstate trips.

Crusaders FC have put together a cost-effective plan to get all team members and support crews to the event. By packaging the team as one and combining all costs, it will then be cost effective. But it is up to each player to cover their costs. A Facebook and Instagram page will be set up to provide more exposure to Sponsors plus additional advertising (banners etc.) for corporate support will also be organized.

For further information or support inquiries please contact:
Bruno De Sousa0450 421 962 Email: jadendesousa@outlook.com

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