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Party Toilet Hire Sydney

Having a celebration in Surrey Hills? A do in Darlinghurst? Kick-ons in Kings Cross? Wherever you are in the beautiful Harbour City, throwing a party requires some planning and preparation. Sure, you’ll need your drinks, snacks, music and possibly games, but if we’re talking about larger scale parties, you’ll need something else too: hire toilets!

Whether you’re having a large private outdoor event like a wedding, or a ticketed party like a festival or concert, your guests will eventually need to use the necessary. So, let’s take a look at what you need to consider when looking at party toilet hire in Sydney and why SBS Fence and Toilet Hire are the team for you!

Duration of hire

How long is the party? A cosy one-afternoon event, or a three-day extravaganza? Either way, you’ll need to choose a professional business which can cater for your party toilet hire in Sydney. When choosing a toilet hire service for parties, one of the most important things to look for is a team who can cater to your event, whether it’s 2 hours or 2 weeks in duration.

SBS Fence and Toilet Hire are one of Sydney’s most versatile party toilet hire teams. They have options for weekdays, weekends and even long-term toilet rental.

Pump-out plan

Portable party toilets aren’t plumbed into the ground and, therefore, they need to be cleaned in a process that is called the pump-out. When you call up a party toiler hire team in Sydney, you’ll discuss the option for pump-outs. For multiple-day festivals, you’ll probably need a pump-out scheduled at least once in that time. Always ensure that pump-outs, if needed, are included in the quote that’s given! Some companies try to pull the wool over your eyes and charge extra for pump-outs: a costly thing to fail to check.

Need of other services

Parties often require a few different services in order to be a success. Lights, music, staging – all of this is super important. But going hand in hand with toilet hire is fence hire. If your party is located in a public space, you’ll need professional fencing – especially if it’s a ticketed event. In this case, it works out easier, cheaper and more convenient to choose a company who does both. It means less communication and liaising, and the possibility of a discounted price, too. SBS Fence and Toilet Hire are proud to deliver stellar services in both.

Let SBS Fence and Toilet Hire help make your party a success. As Sydney’s best bunch for quality portable toilet hire, SBS are busy all-year-round, helping out Sydney locals with construction sites, festivals, expos and a tonne of other events. Just get in touch with the team to learn more, or grab yourself a competitively priced quote.

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