Should Building Sites Be Fenced Off?

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Should Building Sites Be Fenced Off?

While building sites may be completely safe for professional tradespeople and authorised personnel, they’re not necessarily safe for everybody. Safety is a huge part of operating a building site, so it’s not only a legal obligation to keep employees safe but also the general public. While there are several ways to prevent unauthorised people from entering building sites, there’s one method that is proven to be most effective: fencing it off. Let’s go through a couple of reasons why building sites should be fenced off, and who to talk to if you need a dedicated team of temporary fence installers.

It’s a legal requirement

Construction companies have a legal obligation to make construction sites inaccessible to the public and are therefore required to install temporary fencing around the site. The main reason why fencing is required around construction sites is that other preventative measures alone, such as warning and danger signs, do not deter unauthorised personnel – including children who are curious about the site. That’s why the contractor must ensure that a fence surrounds the construction site, preventing serious injuries and death.

It prevents theft and vandalism

Another reason why building sites should be fenced off is that it prevents theft and vandalism. These types of shady characters are attracted to construction sites due to their vacancy at night-time, believing that there’s a low risk of getting caught. Thieves seek to steal equipment, tools or anything else they can get their hands on, while vandals are attracted to breaking glass, damaging machinery and doing graffiti. The best way to keep your building site secure from thieves and vandals is to have it fenced off.

Keeps the client happy

Sure, you may be enraged if your site is attacked by vandals, but your client won’t be very happy either. Another reason why building sites should be fenced off is that your clients can rest assured that their commercial or residential building will remain safe and secure.

Requirements of fencing around building sites

  • They must be a minimum height of 1500mm
  • They must always remain erect and stable
  • Must be installed, moved or altered by a competent and trained installer
  • Must be installed in accordance with the specific hirer’s instruction/installation manual
  • The fence design has considered wind loading, impact tests and stability
  • All fencing components are in good condition and maintained regularly

Always ask your fence hire company whether their fences comply with these requirements.

So, now you understand why building sites should and must be fenced off. If you’re in need of temporary fencing, get in touch with the experts at SBS Fence and Toilet Hire. Specialising in fence and toilet hire for all kinds of purposes, including construction sites, festivals and pool fencing, they guarantee quality-controlled fences at affordable prices. Grab a quote from SBS Fence and Toilet Hire today!

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