Sustainable Event Solutions: How Eco-Friendly Portable Restrooms Make a Difference

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Sustainable Event Solutions: How Eco-Friendly Portable Restrooms Make a Difference

Everywhere around the world, people are turning towards more sustainable ways of doing things. Whether it’s driving to work in a hybrid, or bring your own keep-cup when you’re getting coffee, eco-friendliness is at the top of everyone’s minds.

When planning an event, sustainability should also be a top priority. While your event may just be a small one, the combined effect of many small events evidently has a large impact on climate change.

The events industry contributes a massive 10% of global CO2 emissions, taking up a large carbon footprint.

So how can we change this? One solution is to opt for eco-friendly portable restrooms. Here, SBS Fence and Toilet Hire explains how their eco-friendly portaloos can make a big difference in improving the sustainability of your event.

Water conservation

Portable toilets make a sustainable difference to your event in their ability to conserve massive amounts of water compared with traditional plumbed-in toilets. The average full-flush toilet uses 11 litres of water per flush. When you consider how many toilets there are in Australia, let alone the rest of the world, it’s easy to see how much water is being used and why it’s a big problem. Toilets are the most water-consuming appliance in the household.

But portable toilets use chemicals and not water to dispose of waste, so they’re able to save millions and millions of litres of water per year. SBS Fence and Toilet Hire makes your event more sustainable by helping reduce the amount of wasted water, using chemicals to break down waste instead.

Safe disposal of waste

Eco-friendly portable bathrooms also make an improvement to the sustainability of your event because they responsibly dispose of waste. The chemicals used in portable toilets help to fully break down human faeces, removing the risk of biocontamination. SBS Fence and Toilet Hire dispose of these chemicals at dedicated facilities which minimises the risk of environmental damage.

Protecting wildlife

Protecting wildlife is a huge part of sustainability, and eco-friendly portable toilets also make a difference here. Portable toilets keep human waste contained, preventing it from spreading to nearby water sources or flora ecosystems. Flora and fauna are negatively impacted by toxicity in their water sources, but eco-friendly portable toilets help to prevent this from happening.

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