Temporary Fence Accessories


SBS Fence provides a range of fencing accessories that will improve the overall safety and security of the temporary fence for your job site.

Single & Double Entry Gates

Gates are included with all Fence Rentals with SBS Fence.
At SBS Fence Hire we provide single access gates with an opening of approx 1.2 metre or 2.4 metres or double vehicle access gates with an opening of approx. 5 metres to allow easy entry through the temporary fence into the job site. This is all part of the service that we provide when you rent a fence with us at SBS, with no added costs.

SBS Temporary Fence - Single & Double Access Gates

Dog Proofing (Dog Bars)

Dog proofing bars are used to close in the gap created by the temporary fence feet, which ensures that smaller pets and other animals are kept safely and securely outside the fence line. They are also used in other situations such as high security fencing, and construction works near school yards etc.

SBS Temporary Fence - Dog Proofing Bars

Temporary Fence Hand Rails (Heavy Duty)

Handrails are attached to the temporary fencing systems to prevent high foot traffic areas & pedestrians from tripping over the temporary fencing feet, which protrude out along the fence line. They are an add on safety feature to the temporary fencing system, and provide a safer passage way for the public outside your job site.

SBS Temporary Fence - Heavy Duty Hand Rails

Temporary Silt Fence (Sediment Control)

Temporary silt fences are used on construction sites, civil works and other job sites as sediment control to act as filter barrier to prevent the run off of the soils and building matters created from job sites. Usually we attach the Silt Fence onto the bottom section of the temporary fencing systems, and then on the end they are seated beneath the surface to create the required Sediment containment line

SBS Temporary Fence - Sediment Control

Anti-theft and anti-tamper Security Nuts

Whilst SBS Fences have great anti-climbing ability, and each of these heavy duty mesh panels are connected using heavy duty fence clamps, we can then fit them with special SBS anti-tamper security nuts.
It effectively prevents cases of theft of the temporary fencing equipment, and also stops entry byway of not being able to dismantle the fence line without the special removal tool.

SBS Temporary Fence - anti-theft and anti-tamper security nuts

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