Temporary Fencing can Help Manage high-Flow Areas

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Temporary Fencing can Help Manage high-Flow Areas

Many people expect to see temporary fencing on construction sites across Australia.

Whether it is around housing, commercial buildings or roads, chances are many people will see temporary fencing in a construction setting on an almost daily basis. But what is often not thought of as much is the role that temporary fencing can play in managing high-flow areas. This can apply to a range of settings where you need to control people’s movements for one reason or another. Temporary fencing is a very effective and safe way to do this.

What sort of high-flow areas are we talking about?

There numerous settings where temporary fencing can be used to manage high-flow areas.

Temporary fencing could be required to divert people around works in a busy park or around repair or replacement works on or near a footpath. Events – big and small – also regularly need to hire temporary fencing, particularly to manage people entering and exiting venues. Businesses who are having a major sale or bars and nightclubs hosting special events where they are expecting queues of people to line up can benefit from temporary fencing to manage these high-flow areas. Temporary fencing is even used by shopping centres to manage queues for photos with Santa at Christmas time, when large crowds gather and a level of crowd control is required. In high-flow areas like these, it’s no surprise to see temporary fencing.

What are the benefits to using temporary fencing in high-flow areas?

Temporary fencing helps maintain order and control people’s movements in high-flow areas – which can benefit you as well as providing a safer environment for patrons and the public.

It can effectively direct people away from any danger or construction works. It can also guide people to one side or the other in high-flow areas where there is significant foot or bicycle traffic in both directions, creating a better flow of traffic and a safer environment for all. In business and event settings, temporary fencing allows people to be managed and processed in orderly lines. The use of temporary fencing for large queues means less risk of issues and less chance of people pushing in and trying to queue-jump, which can create unrest. If you’re planning a medium or large-scale event, temporary fencing is simply essential and all good event planners know how important it is. Uncontrolled crowd swells can spell disaster all round.

How can SBS Fence and Toilet Hire help?

We have been supplying temporary fencing for high-flow areas and crowd control throughout the greater Sydney metro area for more than a decade. At SBS Fence and Toilet Hire, we have a range of high-quality barriers available for hire that are lightweight and easy to set up but are also tough and durable. We can supply standard crowd control fencing panels that measure 2200mm or 2500mm long by 1100mm high, as well as taller barriers and others fencing that is better suited for managing people in high-flow areas. Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a competitive quote for your temporary fencing needs.

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