Temporary Fencing For Residential Construction And Renovation Projects

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Temporary Fencing For Residential Construction And Renovation Projects

Got a big building project coming up? Or how about a series of renovations? While you’re busy organising a whole bunch of different things for residential construction and renovation, there’s one factor you simply can’t forget: your brand new Makita radio. But also, temporary fencing!

Temporary fencing is important on so many levels: from privacy to physical safety, it’s beneficial for both your business, your clients and the wider community.

Here’s what you should know about temporary fencing for residential construction and renovation projects, brought to you by the legends at SBS Fence and Toilet Hire.

Why do residential construction and renovation sites need temporary fencing?

There are a few reasons why residential construction and renovation projects should have temporary fencing around them. They include:

  • Protecting a property
    First up, creating a physical boundary. Temporary fencing blocks off the perimeter of the project, preventing thieves, vandals and other intruders from making their way into the site. Whether you’re the site manager or homeowner, this should be a top priority.
  • Increasing privacy
    Temporary fencing also makes your residential construction projects more private. Shade cloth is available for temporary fencing; not only does this help stop dust and other building matters from being blown outside the site by wind, but it also provides around 50-60% visual block-out. By preventing opportunistic passers-by from seeing within the construction area, you’re also preventing theft and vandalism.
  • Keeping the community safe
    Sometimes, it’s not about keeping malicious actors out of your construction or renovation project – it’s simply about keeping the community safe. Children, for example, can be pretty curious about construction sites, wondering what goes on in them. Temporary fencing is essential because it prevents young children from entering the site and potentially hurting themselves.

What to look for in temporary fencing for construction and renovation sites

Here’s how to choose top notch temporary fencing for construction and renovation projects:

  • An experienced team
    Fencing isn’t a walk in the park, and it can’t be done by any Tom, Dick or Harry. Choose a team which has experience with projects of all sizes – from minor residential to major civil works – so that you know they can handle your project.
  • Wide construction gates
    Sufficient gate space is important when choosing a temporary fencing company. Whether you need space for smaller trucks, or larger dump trucks, SBS has got you covered with gate sizes ranging from 1.5m to 5m in width.
  • Accessory options
    Every construction project is different, and may require different measures to be implemented. Is your project in a high-wind area? Check the availability of wind-bracing. Does your client have a dog? Make sure they’ve got dog-proof fencing available. Does the suburb experience a lot of break-ins? Ask about anti-theft security nuts. SBS Fencing has all of these features and more.

For quality fencing for construction and renovation projects, grab yourself a quote from SBS Fence and Toilet Hire!

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