Temporary Fencing Safety Guidelines: What You Need To Know

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Temporary Fencing Safety Guidelines: What You Need To Know

Fencing can be pretty dangerous. The long pointy swords. The lightning-quick movements. We’re talking about the Olympic sport, right? No? Whoops, wrong blog.

Temporary fencing, that’s better. Temporary fencing is a whole other kettle of fish and, while it doesn’t present the same hazards as jabbing an opponent with a long pointy sword, there are still some safety measures that you should know about when hiring it.

Let’s ask the specialists at SBS Fence and Toilet Hire about temporary fencing safety guidelines. And if you’re looking for sword-fighting tips, you’re out of luck here. Sorry!

Always have a professional install it for you

Seems like a no-brainer, right? Why would anyone volunteer and try to put temporary fencing together by themselves? Well, that’s just the thing – always make sure your fence hire company is willing to install your fencing for you, rather than just leaving you with a giant pile of metal brackets and driving off into the distance.

A professional installation is the first step to temporary fencing safety. If your fencing system isn’t installed properly, it may be compromised and dangerous, making the fence totally redundant.

The right fence for the right job

It’s imperative to use the right fence for the right job. You wouldn’t use a two-metre panel fence as temporary pool fencing and, likewise, you wouldn’t use a shorter pool fence to block off a 30,000-attendee music festival. That’s why it’s important to chat with SBS Fence and Toilet Hire to discuss the purpose of your fence hire before you book.

Don’t blow away!

Don’t let Mother Nature huff and puff and blow your temporary fencing down! The use of wind bracing is always recommended for high-wind areas, or if storms are forecast during your fence hire period. Wind bracing gives your temporary fencing extra reinforcement so that it can’t fall down when it gets super windy.

Hand rails

Temporary fencing can also come with hand rails which go around the feet of the fence, preventing pedestrians from tripping over them. Hand rails for temporary fencing is an excellent safety feature for high foot traffic areas and narrow passageways.

Silt fences

Temporary silt fences are a huge part of safety on construction sites. They act as a form of sediment control, preventing the runoff of soils and building matters that are produced on job sites. This protects the water quality of nearby streams, creeks or rivers from the sediment in stormwater runoff, helping to create a safer and cleaner local environment.

Need some quality temporary fencing from Sydney’s safest bunch of professionals? Don’t hesitate to contact the team at SBS Fence and Toilet Hire. They take safety seriously when it comes to inspection, installation, maintenance and removal of your temporary fencing, helping your event or construction site adhere to safety guidelines and avoid fines. Grab a quote from SBS Fence an Toilet Hire today!

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