The Dangers of Improper Fencing at Large Events

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The Dangers of Improper Fencing at Large Events

In Ancient China, the leaders were divided about how tall and how wide the Great Wall should be constructed.

“Ah, come on, lads,” said one bloke. “Couple of bricks and a bit of cement will keep the Mongols out.”

How wrong he was. Luckily for them, they decided to go all in on the Great Wall of China, making it 21,000km long with an average height of 7 metres, effectively keeping the Mongolians out from invading their territory.

Fast forward a few thousand years later. The same goes for your festival, expo or large event. Improper fencing at these kinds of events comes with dangers – maybe not as severe as letting in a horde of bloodthirsty invaders, but you get the gist. Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to hire proper fencing for your event, and the consequences of not doing so.

Prevent intruders

Proper festival fencing has a couple of main purposes, and one of these is to prevent unauthorised patrons. Without a nice, tall fence that adheres to the Australian Standards, your event could be at serious risk of ‘festival jumpers’. Not only would this defeat the purpose of hiring a fence in the first place, but it also presents a safety hazard, as these intruders haven’t gone through security and could be carrying dangerous items.

Safety of your patrons

Improper fencing also poses a risk to safety. If a patron decided to climb a fence to get a better view, because it was shorter than usual and easy to climb, they might be able to sue your organisation if they fell off and hurt themselves. Even though it’s clear that they were in the wrong, you might still be liable. That’s why proper fence height is so important to consider.

High voltage areas

Large events need power and quite often this requires high voltage areas to be set up. If these areas are improperly fenced off, then you’re posing a huge risk to your event-goers. Prevent tragedy from occurring by hiring proper temporary fencing.

Directions and event organisation

Your fencing plays a big role in directing patrons on where to gain entry to the event and where to line up. Erecting tall fences with visible signage is the best way to instruct your attendees on how get in. Failing to hire proper fencing will almost certainly lead to an unorganised event and confusion around entry.

These are just some of the dangers of improper fencing at large events and there are plenty more. To make sure your event is a success, without any of the hassles mentioned above, get in touch with the team at SBS Fence and Toilet Hire. They’ve got event fences and toilets which comply with the Australian Standards and are designed for festivals, expos and more. SBS Fence and Toilet Hire will ensure that your event is safe and secure!

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