The Eco-Friendly Advantages Of Portable Toilet Hire

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The Eco-Friendly Advantages Of Portable Toilet Hire

The humble portaloo. There’s a high chance you’ve used one when you needed it the most: at an outdoor event, at a music festival, on a construction site, or any other time when there wasn’t an in-built toilet to be found.

But while everyone has used a portable toilet at least once or twice in their lives, you may not know that portable toilets carry some important eco-friendly advantages, too.

The legends at SBS Fence and Toilet Hire explain the environmental benefits of hiring portable toilets, and why they’re not only a lifesaver for humans, but for planet Earth, too.

Portable toilets save water

The main eco-friendly advantage of portable toilets is their ability to conserve massive amounts of water compared with traditional plumbed-in toilets. The average full-flush toilet uses 11 litres of water per flush. Think of all the toilets in households across your neighbourhood, let alone the entire city of Sydney. That’s a lot of water being used.

In fact, toilets are still the most water-consuming appliance in the household. Since portable toilets use chemicals and not water to dispose of waste, they’re able to save millions and millions of litres of water per year.

SBS Fence and Toilet Hire have a strong focus on conserving water – one of the earth’s most precious resources. Our toilets help reduce the amount of wasted water, and use chemicals to break down waste instead.

Proper disposal of waste

Another great environmental benefit of portable toilets is that they waste they contain is properly disposed of. Human faeces carries dangerous microorganisms that can contaminate nearby water sources if not disposed of properly.

The chemicals used in portable toilets help to fully break down human faeces, removing the risk of biocontamination. SBS Fence and Toilet Hire dispose of these chemicals safely, at dedicated facilities which minimise the risk of harming the environment.

Protecting wildlife

Portable toilets also help to protect local flora and fauna. When you use a portable toilet, you’re helping to keep human waste contained, and preventing it from spreading to nearby water sources or flora ecosystems. If an animal were to drink from a polluted water source like this, it could cause an outbreak of disease and, therefore, death. Portable toilets help to prevent this from happening, keeping our local flora and fauna safe.

Save water and protect our environment when you choose a quality fleet of portable toilets from SBS Fence and Toilet Hire. They offer a range of different portable toilet solutions for events, gatherings, construction sites and more. With options for short-term and long-term hire, SBS Fence and Toilet Hire are committed to providing you with a flexible solution to suit your exact needs. Just grab a quote from the friendly team today!

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