The Importance Of Accessibility In Portable Toilet Hire

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The Importance Of Accessibility In Portable Toilet Hire

Australia has a time-honoured custom of having a ‘fair go’. It means to act with reason, and to give everyone an equitable opportunity to achieve something. Aussies have this sense of a fair go built into our systems, and there’s no question that this extends to our need to include accessibility in portable toilet hire.

Accessible portable toilets are a must in many different environments. From festivals to outdoor expos, you’ll find accessible portaloos everywhere. Here’s why accessible portable toilets are so important when putting on an event:

Access for people with disability

Having accessible portable toilets at your event is important because it allows everyone to go to the toilet safely and comfortably – which is a basic human right. People with disability often are unable to use non-accessible toilets which require a step to be climbed, and this isn’t possible for those using a wheelchair or crutches. Accessible portable toilets are flush with the ground, allowing easy access for wheelchair users.

Baby-changing stations

Accessible portable toilets should also include baby-changing stations for parents. Babies need a safe, clean place to be changed and without accessible portable toilets, your event may lack this. All of SBS Fence and Toilet Hire’s accessible portable toilets feature fully certified baby-changing tables, making your event suitable for all ages.

Meeting the Australian Standards

Your accessible portable toilets may not seem like it, but they’re actually built to a specific standard, and need to tick all the right boxes. Before hiring your accessible portable toilets, it’s important to check whether they’re compliant with the relevant Australian Standard AS1428.1-2021.

While most toilet hire companies in Sydney are compliant and legitimate, you can never be too sure. Should a health inspector discover that your hired accessible toilet isn’t compliant with AS1428.1-2021, your organisation could be at risk of a fine.

Accessible portable toilets from SBS Fence and Toilet Hire

SBS Fence and Toilet Hire are proud to deliver excellent products and services, including accessible portable toilets. The team at SBS takes accessibility seriously, which is why all toilets are built to comply with Australian Standard AS1428.1-2021, and are checked regularly to ensure each aspect of every toilet is fully functional. Safe, sanitary and easy to use, SBS’s accessible toilets ensure that all of your guests are comfortable and made to feel welcome.

Choose a top-rated toilet hire team

SBS Fence and Toilet Hire are Sydney’s experts when it comes to portable toilets. They offer a range of different portable toilet solutions for events, gatherings, construction sites and more. With options for short-term and long-term hire, SBS Fence and Toilet Hire are committed to providing you with a flexible solution to suit your exact needs. Just grab a quote from the friendly team today!

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