The TP Troubles: Can Excessive Toilet Paper Clog Your Septic System?

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The TP Troubles: Can Excessive Toilet Paper Clog Your Septic System?

Toilet paper and toilets – they go together like peas and carrots, right? Well, actually, not necessarily. TP and toilets have a more complex relationship than that. It’s one of love-hate and co-dependency. Too much toilet paper? Your toilet has a problem. Not enough toilet paper? You’ve got a problem.

In this post, we’ll discuss the delicate balance between toilet paper and toilet, the risk of clogging your septic system and why portable toilets are the perfect solution for outdoor events and construction sites.

Toilet paper is safe to flush in moderate quantities

Australian toilets and pipes are designed to be able to flush moderate quantities of toilet paper without any clogging of the septic system. Toilet paper is designed to break down when it is flushed down the toilet. Other products, like paper towel and tissue, are not, which is why they frequently block the toilet when flushed. Feminine hygiene products are another no-no!

Toilet paper in large quantities can clog your toilet

That being said, if you try to flush a whole roll of TP down the loo, the outcome isn’t going to look too good. Toilets aren’t designed to be indestructible, and an excessive quantity of toilet paper can clog your septic system. So, always be mindful to use toilet paper sparingly when you can – it’s also better for the environment since you’re conserving valuable paper which comes from trees!

Toilet paper around the world: the protocols

In other parts of the world, however, toilet paper and toilets don’t mix. In Greece, for example, you can’t flush toilet paper down the toilet because the infrastructure simply isn’t built for it! In many parts of Asia, this is also the case. So if you’re visiting somewhere overseas, make sure you know the TP protocols before you go flushing.

Portable toilets: a solution for all

With a portable toilet, you don’t have to worry about excessive toilet paper clogging up the septic tank. This is because the septic tank for a portable toilet is built different to your regular plumbed-in toilet, with more space and a simpler design. The pump-out process uses equipment that ensures all contents of the septic tank will be sucked out without any troubles.

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