Three Things to Consider When Hiring Temporary Fencing

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Three Things to Consider When Hiring Temporary Fencing

Whether you’re setting up a construction site or planning a large event, there’s one thing you’ll need: temporary fencing hire. These large fences ensure that everybody within the premises is kept safe and that your site or event is kept secure from those on the outside. But before you go hiring a fence, there are some things you should consider first. In this post, we’ll outline three important things to keep in mind when hiring temporary fencing. We’ll also tell you who to call if you want the best fence hire in Sydney.

The purpose

Let’s get down to the basics – what are you needing temporary fence hire for? There are a ton of reasons why you could be hiring fencing. You could be managing a commercial or residential building project and need to keep the site safe. Or you could be leading a civil construction project in which, possibly, you’ll need an even larger fence. Maybe you’re setting up an event like a festival or expo and need fencing to create the festival’s perimeters. Or maybe your need for fence hire is on a much smaller scale and you need to set up a temporary fence around your pool until you get your permanent fence installed.

When hiring temporary fencing, it’s important you choose a team of professionals who have a wide range of fencing experience and can cater to your fencing needs.

The price and what it includes
When hiring temporary fencing, it’d be a bit remiss to not consider and break down the price of the service. Pricing should be at the top of your mind when getting a quote for anything to do with your construction site or event, and fence hire is no different. For example, some companies will give you a quote that only covers the cost of hire and will sneakily exclude the cost of insurance, delivery and labour in the quote. Then, you’ll be handed a bill that was much higher than originally discussed!

]It’s vital to avoid companies like this and to ask important questions around pricing and quotes before you hire a fencing company. Determine exactly what’s included in the quote before you lock it in.

The fencing team and their reviews
The last thing to consider when hiring temporary fencing is the quality of the service provided by the fencing team. Have a look at their reviews and see what previous clients have said about them – this way, you’ll end up with a reliable and diligent fencing hire service.

If you keep these three factors in mind when hiring temporary fencing, you’ll be sure to have a safe, secure construction site, event or pool without breaking the bank. SBS Fence and Toilet Hire are Sydney’s finest team for temporary fencing. They’ve fenced just about everything! Get in touch with SBS Fence and Toilet Hire for a quote today.

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