Sewer Connect Portable Toilets

Our direct sewer connect units are more suitable for longer duration construction sites, They connect directly to both the main water supply and the sewer system, which means regular servicing is not required compared to the self-contained portable toilet units.

Our sewer connects portable toilet units are the very latest models and another option providing there is access to a direct sewer connection or a septic system.

They are also suited for multi-level development sites versus a self-containing toilet unit, which would need to be craned down for pumping and cleaning, making it time-consuming.

As there are no on-going pumping costs for these direct connect toilet units, they are a good cost-effective option.

These units come complete with a hand wash basin, fully fitted and plumbed up, ready to go, with an easy to connect waste outlet and fresh water supply.

All our toilets are delivered to you very clean and ready for use – having been thoroughly washed, tested and sanitized, with two quality toilet paper rolls supplied.

Direct Sewer Connect Units