Sustainable Event Solutions: How Eco-Friendly Portable Restrooms Make a Difference

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When planning your event, sustainability should also be a top priority. While your event may just be a small one, the combined effect of many small events evidently has a large impact on climate change. The events industry contributes a massive 10% of global CO2 emissions, taking up a large carbon footprint. One solution is to opt for eco-friendly portable restrooms. Here, SBS Fence and Toilet Hire explains how their eco-friendly portaloos can make a big difference in improving the sustainability of your event.

Transform Your Space: Exploring the Concept and Benefits of Fence Wrap

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Fence wrap, also known as shade cloth, is exactly how it sounds – it’s a woven material which wraps around your fence in order to reduce visibility of your construction site. This deters potential intruders and comes with several other benefits, too. There’s an abundance of benefits to be reaped when it comes to installing fence wrap on your construction site. Shade cloth eliminates this problem by blocking out up to 70% visibility of your construction site.

The TP Troubles: Can Excessive Toilet Paper Clog Your Septic System?

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Australian toilets and pipes are designed to be able to flush moderate quantities of toilet paper without any clogging of the septic system. That being said, if you try to flush a whole roll of TP down the loo, the outcome isn’t going to look too good. With a portable toilet, you don’t have to worry about excessive toilet paper clogging up the septic tank. This is because the septic tank for a portable toilet is built different to your regular plumbed-in toilet, with more space and a simpler design.

Septic Tank Maintenance Demystified: Understanding the Emptying Frequency

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Septic tanks, also known as holding tanks, are the units which are installed in your portable toilet as a waste storage solution. They contain chemicals which sanitise the waste and neutralise its odours. These tanks are not plumbed into the sewage, and therefore need to be pumped out every so often. For obvious reasons, it’s recommended to empty your portable toilet unit at least once every fortnight.

Inclusivity Matters: Ensuring Wheelchair Access in Your Portable Toilets

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Here’s why inclusivity matters and why it’s so important to provide accessible toilets and wheelchair access at your next event. It’s everyone’s right to be able to easily and safely use the toilet when we’re at an event. Sadly, for people living with disability, this isn’t always the case. Australia is said to be ‘behind’ the rest of the western world when it comes to accessibility at events like festivals.

5 Reasons Why Temporary Fencing Is A Must-Have For Outdoor Events

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An easy, cost-effective method of applying ticketing policies, temporary fencing ensures you’re driving sales of your event, thus maximising event profit. Crowd control barriers are super effective and creating queueing spaces and guiding people to the right places. They make your outdoor event more organised and efficient, helping people avoid confusion and find their way inside your event. Used by a range of different organisations, from construction companies to schools to music events and more, temporary fencing works as a powerful marketing tool.

Temporary Fencing For Residential Construction And Renovation Projects

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Temporary fencing blocks off the perimeter of the project, preventing thieves, vandals and other intruders from making their way into the site. Whether you’re the site manager or homeowner, this should be a top priority. Temporary fencing also makes your residential construction projects more private. Choose a team which has experience with projects of all sizes – from minor residential to major civil works – so that you know they can handle your project.

Temporary Fencing Safety Guidelines: What You Need To Know

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A professional installation is the first step to temporary fencing safety. If your fencing system isn’t installed properly, it may be compromised and dangerous, making the fence redundant. The use of wind bracing is always recommended for high-wind areas, or if storms are forecast during your fence hire period. Temporary fencing can also come with hand rails which go around the feet of the fence, preventing pedestrians from tripping over them.

The Eco-Friendly Advantages Of Portable Toilet Hire

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The main eco-friendly advantage of portable toilets is their ability to conserve massive amounts of water compared with traditional plumbed-in toilets. The average full-flush toilet uses 11 litres of water per flush. Think of all the toilets in households across your neighbourhood, let alone the entire city of Sydney. That’s a lot of water being used. Since portable toilets use chemicals and not water to dispose of waste, they’re able to save millions and millions of litres of water per year.

Portable Toilet Hire For Music Festivals And Other Large Events

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Hiring portable toilets for your music festival is one of the most crucial parts of organising the event. Quantity is just as important as quality when hiring portable toilets for music festivals. There’s no point in going through the effort of hiring portable toilets if you don’t hire a sufficient amount of them. That’s why you should check with your toilet hire company and confirm they have a large enough fleet for your expected number of attendees. Always ask your portable toilet hire company whether their toilets are legitimate for music festivals

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