What are Safety Rails and When are they Required

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What are Safety Rails and When are they Required

Safety rails – which can also be known as hand rails – are an optional add-on accessory to your temporary fencing hire from SBS Fence and Toilet Hire.
A worthwhile investment in certain circumstances, safety rails can make your site more user-friendly and help eliminate the tripping hazard associated with the feet of all temporary fencing.

They are called ‘safety rails’ for a reason – because they can make sites more safe for both workers and the general public around them.
If the boundary of your temporary fencing site is in a high-flow pedestrian traffic area, you would certainly be wise to add some safety rails to your temporary fencing hire.

What are safety rails for temporary fencing?

Our safety rails are sturdy add-ons to your temporary fencing from SBS Fence and Toilet Hire.

They are, in effect, hand rails that stick out from the outside of the fencing line around a given site.

Safety rails are not so much about giving the general public a hand rail to hold onto as they walk around your site, but are primarily a way to help eliminate tripping hazards.

All standard temporary fencing – including that from SBS Fence and Toilet Hire – has plastic ‘feet’ which are used to connect panels and hold the fencing upright.
However, these feet stick out from the bottom of the fencing and can therefore be a tripping hazard for those walking close to the boundary of a site.
Our easy-to-attach safety rails stick out from the fence the same distance as the feet, helping to steer people away from the feet and therefore avoid tripping over them.

When should you consider using safety rails with temporary fencing?

Safety rails help provide a safer passage way for the public outside of your job site and should be strongly considered as an add-on for any sites that are surrounded by high-flow pedestrian traffic areas.

These could include sites that are on the edge of footpaths or are surrounded by busy walkways or other heavily-trafficked public precincts.

Safety rails can also be useful in areas where the ground is particularly uneven on the outside of a temporary fencing line, helping to add a level of safety for pedestrian traffic.

Installing safety rails on temporary fencing displays your commitment to safety and will help to make the area around your fencing safer and easier to navigate for the public.

It is a simple and effective way to help minimise the risk of accidents on your project – which no one wants.

How can I get temporary fencing with safety rails?

At SBS Fence and Toilet Hire, we are leaders in temporary fencing solutions for greater Sydney.

We have been a trusted business since 2008 and provide high-quality temporary fencing at competitive prices – all with an unmatched level of service.

Talk to us today about your temporary fencing needs – including easily-installed safety rails.

We also offer a range of other add-on accessories for our temporary fencing, including dog bars, gates, sediment control filters and anti-theft and anti-tamper security nuts.

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