What Happens if my Temporary Fencing is Stolen

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What Happens if my Temporary Fencing is Stolen

Quality, well-constructed and secured temporary fencing like that supplied by SBS Fence and Toilet Hire is unlikely to be stolen. However, thefts of temporary fencing can occur in some circumstances from time to time. As is standard across the industry, when you take carriage of hire equipment you become responsible for any damage to or loss of the hired equipment. But we do offer an optional security accessory that can almost eliminate the chance of theft of your temporary fencing. Here’s what you need to know on the off chance that your hired temporary fencing is stolen.

What is the hirer liable for in the event of theft of temporary fencing?

As per our hire terms and conditions at SBS Fence and Toilet Hire, the hirer accepts liability to maintain the temporary fencing in good working order and condition while it is in their possession. Our terms and conditions specifically state that the hirer will “accept responsibility for any loss or damage to the equipment for any reason whatsoever with the exception of reasonable wear and tear”. This is a fairly clear and standard clause written in to all hire equipment contracts. In the case of missing temporary fencing – including stolen temporary fencing – our terms and conditions state that the “hirer remains liable to the owner for the replacement cost of such property and for ongoing rent hire fees to the owner until the stock is produced to the owner or the hirer pays to the owner for the replacement costs of the missing stock”. If your temporary fencing is stolen, contact us right away and we can help arrange to supply you with replacement temporary fencing.

However, you will need to pay rental fees for both the replacement equipment and the stolen equipment until it is returned. If the missing or stolen equipment is not recovered and returned to us in good order, you will be required to pay replacement costs for it.

What are the replacement prices for stolen temporary fencing?

Here is a list of our current replacement stock prices in the event of stolen temporary fencing:

Mesh Fence Panel 2.4metre $98.90 each
Mesh Fence Panel 3.3metre $119.90 each
Plastic Fence Feet $29.00 each
Fence Clamps $5.00 each
Support Stays $42.00 each
Pool Fence Panel $92.50 each
Crowd Control Barrier $79.00 each
Gates (Single $69.00 & Double $99.00)
Note: These prices exclude GST tax

How can you can minimise the chance of theft of temporary fencing?

There are a few things you can do in a bid to try and prevent temporary fencing being stolen under you’re your watch. The best way to prevent theft is to use our anti-theft and anti-tamper security nuts, which are an optional extra accessory that we can add to your fencing hire. These security nuts effectively prevent cases of theft of temporary fencing and have the added bonus of offering greater security to your site, because the fence line cannot be dismantled to gain clear access without the use of a special removal tool. It is also important to make sure you use quality chains and locks on any gates on the temporary fencing that allow access to a site and make sure they are locked up when the site is left vacant. Many builders will also install security cameras on construction sites these days – including both commercial jobs and residential housing – to prevent theft of items from inside the property. Outward facing security cameras may also help prevent thefts of surrounding temporary fencing. Many builders place signs on the outside of the temporary fencing stating that the site is being constantly monitored by video surveillance, which can help deter any would-be thief’s.

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